Reviving the Prophet’s Legacy: Women & the Mosque [by Zara Faris]

On 24th February 2018, at Cheadle Mosque [Manchester, UK], MDI speaker Zara Faris delivered a fascinating lecture on the importance of reviving the Prophet’s [saaw] legacy and Muslim women’s relationship with the mosque.

In the lecture, Zara discusses the Islamic viewpoint on women attending mosques from the time of the Prophet Muhammed [saaw], and throughout Muslim history, how improvements in city planning, mosque architecture and even the Muslim home, was designed and developed to better accommodate Muslim women’s needs. Zara rounds off her lecture by discussing how mosques in the UK and elsewhere, can be approached and advised on how to revive the Prophetic model to cater for Muslim women, and the wider Muslim community.





‘Over 1400 years ago an individual was sent with a revelation that elevated the status of humankind and provided a framework of moral and social values that even today acts as an ethical framework for millions. What is the legacy that he came with? What impact did he have on our social, educational, political and religious institutions? What inspiration and empowerment did he provide for females? How did he interact and support the youth? More potent to the Muslim community where did we take a detour and forget the legacy? It is now time to revive that legacy…’

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