Malaysian Translation of Abdullah al Andalusi’s Cambridge debate: ‘Is the West to blame for Islamic Extremism [Terrorism]?’

Subscribers to the work of MDI have kindly made a Malaysian subtitled version of the opening speech of MDI’s Abdullah al Andalusi, in his debate winning presentation on the topic ‘Is the West to blame for Islamic Extremism [Terrorism?], which was held on the 23rd April 2015, at the prestigious Cambridge Union, at Cambridge University.

The facebook and youtube versions were republished on numerous Malaysian platforms, and have, combined a quarter of a million views (271,000).

The original video (with better quality sound) can be seen here.

The Malaysian translation is available to watch on Youtube below.

The Facebook version and posting is below:

Video | Tunjuk Video Ini Pada Orang yang Kata Islam Punca Keganasan 

Brother Abdullah Andalusi mematikan hujah orang Barat yang selalu mengatakan orang Islam berlaku ganas sebab al Quran dan hadis dan mengatakan mereka tiada kena mengena dan cumalah golongan yang tak berdosa. 

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