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Debate: Religion in Society – Open panel discussion [16th Nov 2017, UCD, Dublin, Ireland]

MDI returns back to University College Dublin (UCD), in Republic of Ireland! MDI’s Abdullah al Andalusi has been invited to attend and speak as part of a panel discussion ‘Religion in Society‘, organised by the UCD Atheist & Secular Society, Bahai Society, Islamic Society, AGAPE and the [Catholic] Newman Society.

The panel discussion will look at the question ‘Is there space for Religion in this day and age?’. This discussion will discuss the religion & society, and whether Secularism or religious informed laws and social values, are the best way to manage the modern world.

The event will include the following guest speakers:

  • Scott Evans (UCD Anglican Chaplain, theology writer)
  • Kent Chadwick (Bahai speaker, formerly worked at Bahai World Centre, and United States Bahai National Centre)
  • Abdullah al Andalusi (MDI speaker)

Date: 16th November 2017

Venue: Newman theatre, NT1

Time: 6pm

For more details, please visit the facebook event page.


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