LBC Radio Debate: UK Court rules Sex Segregation at Muslim school was illegal

OFSTED appealed the ruling, and on 13th October 2017, the UK court of appeal ruled that sex segregation at the Al-Hijrah school was illegal

On 27th April 2016, the OFSTED Chief Inspector declared that sex segregation at mixed-schools ‘flouts the requirement to promote British values’ that would lead to a report rating of ‘Inadequate’ against inspected schools found with such practices

In 2016, Al-Hijrah school won a court ruling against OFSTED, which ruled that sex segregration was not illegal under the 2010 Equality Act

Birmingham (UK), is known to have a number of areas with a high population of Muslims. Consequently, many schools in these areas are Islamic faith schools, or schools with high proportion of Muslim students, and a high proportion of Muslim parents invovled as school governors.

In 2014, the UK government’s education regulator, OFSTED (Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills) launched an investigation into a number of schools in the Birmingham area as part of an ‘anonymous tip’ into a [Muslim] ‘trojan horse’ plot to ‘take over’ a number of non-faith schools

(despite the female and male students receiving the same quality of education)

On 14th October 2017, the radio Channel: LBC [London Broadcasting Company, Global Radio, UK], hosted by Andrew Castle, invited Aisha Ali-Khan, human rights activist, campaigner for Women United, and spokesperson for Shiply Feminist Zealots, and Abdullah al Andalusi, international speaker and debater, and co-founder of the Muslim Debate Initiative to discuss the UK court ruling.




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  1. My understanding was the Trojan Horse allegations were a hoax. Is that not true? And if it was true, why do mainstream media discuss this as though it wasn’t a hoax?

    Did this school get ‘inadequate’ simply because of segregation in 2016? Did I understand that right? And if so, what about single sex schools more generally?

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