Lecture: ‘Islam and the LGBTQ Discourse’ by Daniel Haqiqatjou

MDI’s Daniel Haqiqatjou presented a lecture at the ICNA Conference on 13th April 2017, on the topic on ‘Islam and the LGBTQ discourse’ [LGBTQ: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer].

Muslims living in the West, have encountered the culture of Individualism, that has effectively normalised in society the LGBTQ discourse. Theologies that disagree with choices in sexual intercourse with partners outside the traditional concepts, have been portrayed as intolerant and hateful. Daniel Haqiqatjou discusses these points, and charts out a solution for Muslim engagement, how Muslims can deal with troubling thoughts about the perceived clash of values with their own beliefs in Western societies, and how Islam provides clear guidance for Muslims, that deal respectfully, compassionately, yet robustly with the current dominant discourses.

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