Public Debate: Should the UK government’s ‘Counter-Extremism’ Program be Stopped?

Public Debate: Should the UK Government ‘Counter-Extremism’ Program be Stopped?

The University of Westminster Students’ Union hosted an event to educate students about the Prevent Strategy and the likely impact it will have on students and indeed wider society.

Title: Should we promote or prevent PREVENT?

Venue: University of Westminster

Date: 14th March 2016


Abdullah al Andalusi – speaker for Muslim Debate Initiative

Jahangir Mohammed – Chief Executive of Communica Ltd company

Rupert Sutton – Director of Student Rights, associate of the Henry Jackson Society (right wing British think tank)

Dibyesh Anand – Lecturer at University of Westminster, Department of Politics and International Relations

Details behind the event can be found here.

N.B. Audio improves significantly after 16 minutes.

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