LECTURE: The Evidence for God: How can we prove God’s existence & why do some people reject it?

1553578_10155165605260187_8646008816384474987_o (1)The video of Abdullah al Andalusi’s lecture: ‘The Existence of God’ lecture is now up online. It was delivered on 4th February 2015 at the University of Nottingham Trent [UK]. The audience-interactive lecture starts off by discussing choosing the correct methodology to rationally deduce God’s existence out of:

  • Spiritual Experience
  • Scientific Method
  • Rational Thinking

The correct method is then applied onto these three questions:

  • How do we know finite things have causes?
  • How do we know that all finite things started with an infinite cause?
  • How do we know this Infinite first cause is God and not a mechanical/mindless thing, like the multi-verse?

The discussion then rounds up with a brief discourse asking why do people reject God?

Outlined were the 5 basic reasons (which are explained further in the Talk):

  1. Liberalism’s irrational belief in the theoretically unlimited freedom of the individual causes a clash with the limitations of higher purpose and meaning under a creator
  2. People reject god because Liberalism caused people to believe the purpose of their life was to seek pleasure, and they blamed God (or denied him) when their lives weren’t perfect
  3. Some people believe the Scientific method is the only method to find knowledge, and reject all things that can’t be detected by it
  4. Some people reject God because they had a bad experience with intellectual contradictions they found in a religion they were brought up into (e.g. polytheism, trinity etc).
  5. Some people are reject God because of the different theories about him, they see in different religions

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  1. Many American Christians make similar claims about their version of the Abrahamic god. Since the claims are diametrically opposite, how can one determine which conclusion to come to, if they both use the same supposed “evidence”?

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