The ‘Human Jesus Documentary’ produced by Christian Unitarian scholar , Dr Anthony Buzzard

The theological documentary ‘the Human Jesus’, was produced by Unitarian Christians of the Restoration Fellowship, filmed by Mark Dockery, and edited by Paul Millunzi, and tries to bring the difficult theological understanding about the nature of Jesus held by most Trinitarian Christians, down to earth. The video challenges the doctrines of the Trinity, and the belief that Jesus is divine – and seeks to restore the belief about Jesus to a purely Human, but no less prophetic, original understanding.

The video has clips from world-recognized scholars, as well as some unknown skilled examiners of biblical theology and Christology.

Dr. Anthony Buzzard is a Unitarian (Arabic. Muwahid) Christian, He was born in Surrey, England and educated at Oxford University and Bethany Theological Seminary.

He holds master’s degrees in theology and modern languages. Retiring after 24 years on the staff of Atlanta Bible College, Anthony continues to write, teach and travel, fulfilling a life-long desire to make the best of Bible scholarship available to the wider churchgoing public.

He runs the website

Books by Dr. Buzzard:

1- The Doctrine of the Trinity: Christianity’s Self-Inflicted Wound (1998)

2- Jesus Was Not a Trinitarian (2007)

3- Our Fathers Who Aren’t in Heaven: The Forgotten Christianity of Jesus, the Jew (1995)

Restoration Fellowship was founded by Dr. Anthony Buzzard

Restoration Fellowship on Youtube:

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