Debate: ‘The Quran: Word of God or Man?’ (Shadid Lewis vs Tony Costa)

On the 13th June 2015, MDI USA’s Shadid Lewis participated in two debates against Christian apologist Tony Costa, hosted at the University of Michigan, Dearborn, USA. The first debate was ‘Crucifixion: Truth or Fiction?‘ and the second debate was on ‘The Quran: Word of God or Man?’

Shadid Lewis performed some of his best work yet, meeting the challenge of two debates in one day and rising up to the challenge on two well established debate staple topics. Both debates were filmed by a Christian TV channel the ‘Trinity Channel’ who broadcast the debate to its wide Christian audience. The second of the two debates, is below for your intellectual viewing pleasure.

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  1. Such a poor outing from Mr Lewis. After watching him crucify Costa in the first debate,I understably expected a better performance in the second. As it will turn out however, not only did he fail to address Costa’s rather disappointingly outdated arguments (especially the hillarious ‘earth rests on a whale’ one),he contradicted himself as well sadly dressing Costa in the garb of a hero.
    A waste of time I must confess it was watching the debate. Think Mr Lewis needs to restrict himself to single debates so that this wouldnt happen again. Wouldnt surely want to meet an MDI director debating like a Jay Smith.

    • actually I did address that silly and false claim that the earth rest on a whale. You may have missed it, or it was edited out( I didnt watch the video). But I said 1st the quran no where makes such a claim. 2nd that claim comes from a tafsir UNauthentically claimed to be of Ibn masud. So the claims holds no weight.

  2. I watched the two debates between Shadid and Tony. clearly Tony Costa outclassed Shadid. The muslim debater made an error when he quoted Freke and Gandy.

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