Is Islam the Underlying cause of Terrorism? Abdullah al Andalusi tackles the controversial question at the prestigious London School of Economics

Does Islam, or any sect or interpretation of Islam cause Terrorism? If not, then what does cause terrorism? And – more damningly – Are there cases where mainstream and prominent Secular Liberal Philosophers (The Ullama ul Liberaliyya) JUSTIFY Terrorism? What is the ‘Supreme Emergency Exemption’ doctrine, and did the actions of those who follow it in Western military history, influence Osama Bin Laden?

Is Islam the Underlying Cause of Extremism (Terrorism)? A shocking Lecture & open discussion on Islam and the real underlying causes of Extremism/Terrorism. On Friday 6th February 2015 at the highly prestigious London School of Economics, Abdullah al Andalusi delivered an tantalising lecture dealing with intractable misconceptions, and presenting shocking material that will change your perception of the global ‘extremism debate’ forever. The lecture lasted for about an hour, and was followed by a highly engaging Questions and Answers session from the audience.

To read Abdullah’s review of the lecture, as a guide to the video, please click here.

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  1. Most extreme murderous ideologies are driven by extreme competition for resources. The killing mentality of the Nazis was ultimately about food (“Lebensraum” to the Nazis basically meant “more farmland”), while the killing mentality of Da’esh is ultimately about water (https://heteromeles.wordpress.com/2013/09/14/the-syrian-water-war/).

    Due to the differences in how Europeans vs. Middle Easterns conceive their identities, the Nazis used race as a marker to define who should be exterminated, while Da’esh use religion.

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