BBC Debate: Has Human Rights Law achieved more for Humanity than Religion? [The Big Questions]

On the 10th May 2015, the BBC broadcast a pre-recorded program, ‘The Big Questions’ celebrating 800 years of the Magna Carta (an agreement between wealthy Barons and the English Monarchy, to limit his powers). The program’s title for discussion was ‘Has Human Rights Law Achieved more than Religion?’, and features a lively one hour discussion on whether Human Rights is possible without religion, and whether religion is an obstacle to Human Rights – and does Secular understanding of Human Rights suffer from causing differences in interpretation, application and at times, injustice.

The guests invited to discuss and debate this question were:

Shami Chakrabarti (Liberty)
Abdullah al-Andalusi (Muslim Debate Initiative)
Peter Tatchell (LGBT and Human Rights campaigner)
Major General Timothy Cross, retired British Army officer
Andrew Copson (Director of British Humanists Association)
Reverend Lynda Rose, spokesperson for ‘Anglican Mainstream’
Rabbi Jackie Tabick, Reformed Judaism
Lez Henry, Poet and Writer and Lecturer in Criminology
Adam Wagner, Human rights and public law barrister
Michael Mumisa, Cambridge Scholar and Academic on Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Maryam Namazie (Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain)

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  1. Brother Abdullah,

    I really don’t see any effective return in participatiing in these shows. They are structured to serve particular agenda and the guests are chosen to formulate the argument of the channel. My point is that, alhamdullah, you have your platform in which you are reaching the public and shaping the argument to be in netural stance. The issue is that a lot of conceptions need to be defined and axiologically interpreted. In addition, The time is too short to clean up all the dust and deconstruct the systematic distrtion of Islam. So the whole intention of these shows basically is to legitimize them by enabling them to say we gave you a chance to speak. In a way, the muslim would evetually turn to be apologetic in his or her discussion.

  2. saya setuju dengan pendapat di atas . sudah banyak sekali acara-acara yang memojokkan pemikiran islam dan muslim .. namun, ini seharusnya menjadi motivasi bagi para muslimin dan pemeluk agama untuk menunjukkan kebaikan yang agama sesungguhnya ajarkan kepada para pemeluknya ..

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