Abdullah Andalusi Refutes the Quilliam/HJS Neocon Narrative – Why Has the Independent Censored its Report on it?



The debate above, titled “The Big Cambridge Debate: Is the West to Blame for Islamic Extremism (Terrorism)?” demonstrated the superficiality of Robin Simcox’s, and by extension the bigoted Henry Jackson Society’s neocon narrative. Usama Hasan from the infamously notorious Quilliam Foundation proceeded to, well, just waffle. The contributions from Abdullah Andalusi were as informative as always.

So much so in fact that it made it in the papers. The local paper, Cambridge News, picked up Andalusi’s argument, with the headline, “Osama bin Laden ‘was a modernist not an Islamist’ Cambridge Union is told”.

The Independent had also reported it with the same headline at this link. However, clicking on it reveals that the link redirects to the Independent homepage.

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