MDI Trinidad

Debate: What is the True Faith of Jesus’s Disciples? (20th Feb, 2015)

Br. Ijaz Ahmad of MDI will be debating Reverend Steven Martins of E & AM Canada on the topic of, “What is the True Faith of Jesus’s Disciples?” on Friday 2oth February 2015. Br. Ijaz has previously debated CL Edwards and Pastor Samuel Green (Australia). Reverend Stevens has flown from Canada to the Caribbean to engage Br. Ijaz in two major debate events. This debate, being the first of those two events.

Admission is free of charge, and refreshments will be served. There is expected to be a large crowd and so facilities for 400+ patrons have been prepared by the event’s host, the Muslim Youth of Trinidad and Tobago. The event takes place at Motorway Hall, #4 Craignash Road, Princes Town. Parking arrangements have been coordinated with the high school adjacent to the hall, and is also free of charge.

The event will be moderated by E & AM’s local host, Pastor Kris Maharaj of Williamsville, Trinidad and Tobago. Recording of the event will be done by a local Islamic TV station in HD, the Islamic Broadcasting Network of Trinidad and Tobago. The debate will begin promptly at 7 PM. All are invited.

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