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Levant TV Debate: “Charlie Hebdo – A Christian-Jewish-Muslim debate on Terrorism and Sharia in Europe”

The Christian gentleman (William Spring) had agreed with a lot of what Abdullah al Andalusi had said, but attempted to chime in on Christianity being more peaceful than Islam. Anjem Choudary attempted to befuddle the conversation and was strongly rebuked by Abdullah, and the pro-Zionist journalist, Richard Millet attempted to criticise anyone who critics Israel, but was refuted by Abdullah. Throughout the show, the host asks very slanted questions with strong presumptions against Islam. This was truly a debate of me versus the rest. 

Show details:

The attacks that targeted Cartoonists at Satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo killed 17. This debate episode looks at Islam, the Muslim and Jewish community, Terrorism and Secular Liberal values of the West.

The program ‘Straightforward’ hosted British Political commentator William Spring Muslim Activist and debater Abdullah Al-Andalusi. Broadcast date: 17th January 2015.

Many Thanks to our guests who joined over the phone (by order of Appearance):

British Radical Islamist Anjem Choudary

Anglican priest and cultural critic Rev. Frank Gelli

Arzu Merali, Head of Research- Islamic Human Rights Commission

Richard Millet, Journalist and political commentator

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