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Hindu Nationalist girls camp sing: “We’ll build bombs, we’ll shoot dead Muslims


Hindutva, or Hindu Nationalism, which combines a fundamentalist understanding of Hinduism with Indian nationalism has been on the ascendancy for decades, culminating in the presidential victory of the fascist Narendra Modi.

Hindutva organizations are highly organized, they are also opponents of Hindus converting to either Christianity or Islam. They have spearheaded anti-conversion legislation in numerous states that prevent or make near impossible the conversion of a Hindu to another religion; often justifying it as a necessary measure to counteract the use of material incentives by missionaries.  However, they have no compunction themselves in aggressively offering monetary incentives to Muslims and Christians to convert to Hinduism in highly publicized ‘reconversion ceremonies.’

For years now Hindutva groups, such as the Sangh Parivar have been holding training camps for youth where they are indoctrinated in an ideology that has as its central doctrine the subjugation and elimination of non-Hindu religions.

The following video highlights the dehumanizing and violent indoctrination that Hindtuva groups are leaving on the impressionable minds of India’s young girls (h/t: Abu ‘Alimah).

Girls in the video can be seen speaking of their supremacist beliefs, their love and desire for fighting and killing non-Hindus. This sort of mentality has already caused significant damage in the past to relations between India’s various religious and ethnic groups and it promises to perpetuate hate and violence.

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  1. this is false hindu nationalism doesn’t teach to kill non hindus it teaches uphold nationalism and hindu culture all foreign cultures have to do is respect hindu culture and not to cause problems with hindus

  2. A hindu man Yogi Adityanath Telling Hindus To “Rape Dead Muslim Women”. MP Yogi Adityanath, a friend of Indian PM Narendra Modi and also a fellow BJP party Member at a massive hair raising rally calling for a supremacist Hindutva state and disgusting violence against Muslims, including “raping their dead women.”You can check video clips on youtube in case you don’t trust me.
    This is disgusting.A Member of Parliament is calling people to RAPE women!! how sick!! PM Modi’s silence is loud and clear.Rape and violence is their modus operandi.I think he should be rightaway put in jail!!And i wonder what kind of people are those who are listening to him in the rally. Really These “People” are fucking insane!!

    And some western people wonder why did the Muslims of sub-continent want a separate country.This is the reason.

    • half the Muslims did not want separation that is why the Muslims in both India and Pakistan are not so different

  3. oh! u r not getting equal right what about country with muslim majority.
    they borbid convrgn from islm bt othr faith can convet to islam.
    this is not in any county having other faih in majority.
    i thin writr should write about this also

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