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The black flag

There exists a major confusion in the media and amongst many people concerning the black flag, that is the black Islamic flag with the Arabic testimony of faith, or the shahadah as it’s called in Arabic.

Often times when this black flag is represented, outlets will report it as the flag of the Islamic State, ISIS. If not being referred to as the black flag of ISIS, it will then be referred to as the black flag of Al-Qaeda, hence any Muslim carrying the black banner flag is then linked to being a supporter of either ISIS or Al-Qaeda, and thus is then labeled an extremist or terrorist sympathiser.

So to clear things up, the black banner flag is not the exclusive authority or property of ISIS or Al-Qaeda, the black banner flag has been existent and used by Muslims well before such groups emerged and began using them. Just because someone waves it, does not mean they are supporting either group, but rather they are simply showing their support for Islam or an Islamic cause, and no, not a cause related-linked to ISIS or Al-Qaeda.

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  1. This isn’t a mistake these people are not children they specialise in fine tuning a message for a specific impact, this is deliberate misattribution to condition people to see that flag that way. rather you should prove how they made a mistake since it is there Job to present information to the public.

  2. Could you give examples of some groups that use the flag that do not support “extremist or terrorist” groups? I think that would go a long way to changing the perception.

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