Professor of Biology talks about his research, and why he is skeptical of Darwinian evolution

I recently came across an interview with Dr. Ralph Seelke, a professor of Biology who shares about his current evolution research, and  discusses why he is skeptical of Darwinian evolution. Ralph Seelke posits some interesting empirical counter-evidence from his own research against macroevolution. While I didn’t write this article, or present Dr Seelke’s interview, to refute or deny any particular scientific theory, I wanted simply to present to the public that the darwinian theory of evolution isn’t infallible, or without incongruencies. This is healthy for fostering an open mind.

A small note on Islamic Theology and Macroevolution

The Islamic position on the creation of animals, is that while God created all things by His Will, the Quran and Sunnah is silent on the process and method by which Allah (swt) used to create animals, insects and bacteria. This is not different to how the Quran describes Allah (swt) bringing the rain by His Will, yet we know that the method He uses to do this is via the water cycle, which we can observe. Therefore, whether macroevolution of animals happened or not, matters not to Islamic theology.

Double standards of some Atheists

Dr Seelke makes an interesting point that science hasn’t observed macro evolution (significant changes leading to completely new species), but only microevolution (small changes and adaptation within a species). It is accepted to many scientists today to believe and deduce the existence of macroevolution from the observation of microevolution, despite the fact that macroevolution hasn’t been witnessed, nor can it be so. This is interesting, because many Atheists usually deny the existence of God (which is deduced from observation of the universe and reality) by arguing that their is no direct observation of His existence. However, Atheists are perfectly happy to accept believing in unobservable things such as macroevolution if it suits their materialist assumptions about existence.

Dr Seelke’s contentions with macroevolution

Ralph Seelke received his Ph.D. in Microbiology from the University of Minnesota and the Mayo Graduate School of Medicine in 1981, was a postdoctoral researcher at the Mayo Clinic until 1983, and has been an Associate Professor or Professor in the Department of Biology and Earth Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Superior since 1989. An authority on evolution’s capabilities and limitations in producing new functions in bacteria, Prof. Seelke recently co-authored the science textbook Explore Evolution: The Arguments For and Against Neo-Darwinism

Hear the fascinating interview here:


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  1. As I infer from his discussion, questioning this fantasy of evolution, especially in its macroevolution level, is completely a taboo among those atheist scientist. While they’re continuously claiming that they’re following the evidence in a rational manner, in this case they don’t even bother to reconsider a belief that is not even yet observed. Clear disregard to the same standard they preach about. I think or actually believe that it is time for those minor atheists who are deliberately deceived to be rescued and guided to the best epistemic methodology to get knowledge and by which they can really think for themselves.

  2. Question is: Can you tell me anything you know about evolution, any one thing that is true? I tried that question on the geology staff at the Field Museum of Natural History and the only answer I got was silence… Then I woke up and realized that all my life I had been duped into taking evolutionism as revealed truth in some way.

    Colin Patterson, Senior paleontologist at the British Museum of Natural History and author of the book Evolution.

    Mercifully, to those who believe in such a fantasy, I appeal seriously for your reason and your intellect as human being; please take a step alone and think, yes think please

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