The Covenant of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christian Monks of Mount Sinai by Dr John Andrew Morrow

A fascinating presentation by Dr John Andrew Morrow  on the historical evidence for Prophet Muahmmed (saaw) policy of tolerance to Christians. He considers all the evidence from an objective view, and deals with many of the claims presented by Islamophobic pseudo-historians. He has published a book entitled The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the World which gives a myth-busting account of the details and uniformity of the unparallelled tolerance offered to the Christian communities under Islamic rule.


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N.B. Although the professor believes that Christians in the middle east have come under persecution recently, and claims some of it is perpetrated by modern day muslims who believe it is ‘in the name of Islam’ (which is not accurate, considering most of the states reporting persecution of minorities are avowedly modern secular states created after colonisation.

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  1. This was just amazing, I tried not to move, cautiously noting down important things he mentions … Indeed, a much better scholarly investigation need to be done on the Convenant of the Great Prophet (PBUH) –

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