Lecture Video: Oppressed Muslim Women? Evaluating Feminist Criticisms of Islam – Zara Faris

by Zara Faris

This year’s Islam Awareness Season throughout UK universities has been very busy for me, alhamdulillah; I’ve delivered lectures with exciting Q&A sessions tackling topics including Islamic Revival and Reformation, Muslims in the West, and the topic of the day, Women in Islam and Feminism.

This video is from my lecture at Southampton University (6th March) discussing some standard Feminist criticisms against Islam, and answering the question “Women in Islam: Oppressed or Liberated?” This lecture includes an evaluation and response to the typical feminist criticisms against the niqab, segregation, and gender roles, resulting in a highly entertaining Q&A session ranging from questions on FGM (at 51:56), Polygamy (at 1:08:08), and even Secularism and Multiculturalism (at 56:22). Please watch and share.

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