MDI debate in Canada: Are Ahmadi’s Muslim?


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  1. I hope Mr. “Sadat Anwar” has watched the ‘debate’ between Imam “Shehrayar Shaikh” & “Ansar Raza” that took place early this year, entitled (Mirza Ghulam Ahmed – A Prophet or an Imposter)

    The debate is on the NAMF’s youtube page (North American Muslim Foundation):

    The Debate’s Direct Links (5 parts):

    I also hope that Muslims watch this debate as well.

    • Im sorry brother, but this was far from a debate, irrespective of the arguments presented by Imam Shehrayar Shaikh.The most interesting part of this entire fiasco was the opening remark by the Executive President of NAMF (North American Muslim Foundation). Personally, it caught me of guard in appall. As a Canadian Muslim i was absolutely disgusted, making comments; dictating Canadian values and social issues effecting ‘our’ community. Presenting a another community as a anathema defies all ‘Canadian values’ that you so call represent – NAMF (North American Muslim Foundation). Back to the original point, this was no debate brother, but rather a ‘bashing’ session.

  2. Maasha Allah, brother Saadat Anwer’s presentation was superly superb. May Allah SWT reward him immensely with the best. I hope that the video is released soon. May Allah SWT make it an eye-opener for the Ahmedees. The gentleman who did Vote of Thanks at the end disregarded not only his task, but the slogan, “Love for all, hatred for none.”

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