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MDI Debate and Workshop at the London Global Peace and Unity Event (23-24 November 2013)

*** The Muslim Debate Initiative is offering FREE GPU Tickets to the next 50 people to REGISTER for our WORKSHOP and DEBATE at this weekends GPU. Email us to secure your ticket NOW. ***

Upcoming MDI Workshop, and Public Debate at the London Global Peace and Unity Event (23-24 November 2013)

Workshop-Turning the Tables: Presenting Islam in the West
Saturday (23rd Nov) 11.00-12.15am
Location: Main Exhibition Hall

As per the title, to equip Muslims to intellectually respond to questions and criticisms that they are increasingly finding themselves needing to address today. Typical claims against Islam (falling under the categories of (1) secularism, democracy, liberalism; (2) feminism; and (3) Islamic history) will be itemised, their refutations presented, contradictions highlighted, and the Islamic position posited. This will promote understanding of Islam, and foster more willing and strong dialogue from Muslims.

Format: An interactive presentation and Q&A session divided between three MDI speakers (25-28 mins each).

Dealing with secularism, democracy, liberalism:

Abdullah al Andalusi – an international speaker, thinker and intellectual activist for Islam and Muslim affairs. His work involves explaining and demonstrating, by rational argument, the intellectual proofs for the Islamic belief system, and promoting the Islamic way of life and Islamic solutions for contemporary problems.

Dealing with feminism:

Zara Faris – a graduate in Arabic & Islamic Studies from SOAS University (School of Oriental and African Studies). She has lived for a year in Egypt studying the Arabic language. She is now a Researcher and Speaker for the Muslim Debate Initiative (MDI).

Dealing with Islamic history:

Dr Stef Keris – a Greek revert to Islam, specialising in Islamic History and Muslim minorities in the West. He has an MA and PhD majoring in Political Science, and is an experienced international lecturer (South Africa, UK, Germany, NL, GR, etc). He has done a travelling documentary about the Ottoman Empire with Al Kauthar Ramadan TV, as well as two series with Huda TV about Muslims in Europe and the Spread of Islam in the world.


To attend you must register (this is free for GPU ticket holders), and enter the GPU Excel Centre. The Workshop and debate will be held in the Exhibition hall.

Click on pictures to register for one or both events

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