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The Sad Events of the Mall Attack in Kenya and some needed reflections about the regional conflict

As Muslims, we are saddened to hear of the deaths of innocent civilians being killed, like those in the recent Kenyan attack. We are also outraged against the perpetrators, and condemn them strongly without reservation.

However, this is not the only part of this sad story, for the truth behind the attack in Kenya Mall, is not some isolated event of terrorists attacking a civilian shopping mall, but rather it is just one piece in an ongoing series of events initiated by U.S. interference in the region. We are told to blame the Shabaab militants of Somalia for the violence in the region, but truth is, the violence and injustice started long before their existence – in the form of American Terrorism backed by their allies Ethiopia and Kenya, which has invaded Somalia and killed thousands of Somali civilians.

Muslims are told to condemn terrorism done by people that happen to be Muslim. Western pundits and media like to claim that the Shabaab did the attack ‘in the name of Islam’, but this not actually true. Muslim terrorists, like all terrorists, usually claim they fight for justice. The people they fight for are merely those they have sympathy for, who they consider are ‘their people’. When someone comes and kills ‘their people’ and they cannot prevent it, these terrorists then adopted the Western tactic of deliberately targeting the aggressors civilians, in order to dissuade them – and protect their own people. Anyone who wants to argue that Western armies do not target civilians deliberately, needs to study World War 1 and 2 where ‘saturation bombing’, ‘starvation’ and Nuclear weapons were used (and that was just the enemies of the Nazis! Hitler was actually outraged when WINSTON CHURCHILL started bombing German cities – Hitler had thought that bombing civilian cities was barbaric!).

The Western way of war is essentially that it is only deemed ‘evil’ to kill civilians unless it is ‘necessary’. What this ‘moral code’ actually says is ‘don’t kill civilians for no reason/for fun’. But no one kills civilians for ‘no reason’ – every brutal oppressor, murderer and genocidal army has killed civilians when it thinks it is ‘necessary’.

Kenya, Ethiopia and the USA have killed thousands of Somali civilians, and yet demand that Muslims should apologise profusely when angry Muslim groups commit terror attacks, despite the fact that they were not elected by Muslims, nor have any claim to representation of them.

As Muslims, we are commanded not to repel evil with evil, not to use forbidden actions, even when fighting barbarians. Muslims have a right to condemn Terrorism, and do so – but our condemnation will not stop at only the barbaric groups which retaliate using horrific and unjust methods against the perceived aggression – our condemnation reaches to the aggressors themselves too, which began the cycle of barbarism and gave rise, by their example and actions, to the barbarians they hypocritically morally disdain.

However, the Kenyan government, the Ethiopian government, and the US government DO NOT HAVE A RIGHT to demand anything from Muslims, whether it be an apology or a condemnation. The Muslim Ummah is not responsible for what any individuals members criminally do under their own Will (same as a society is not responsible for criminals). The Muslim Ummah has no representative government, and we have been denied such by USA interventions and CIA coups. If the Muslims had an Islamic state that represented the interests of Islam and Muslims, then this state would be able to handle the situation, and Muslims wouldn’t feel the need to become international vigilantes.

The killing of civilians in the Kenyan Mall was fundamentally wrong, regardless of the circumstances – Islam condemns the killing of civilians – but what is equally fundamentally wrong is the on-going invasion and murder of Somalis at the hands of the Kenyan, Ethiopian and U.S. forces.

An article written in 2011, explains how the Kenyan government was involved in the previous war efforts against shabaab, prior to their invasion of somalia.

Although I disagree with Jeremy Scahill’s description (in the video below) of the Islamic Courts Union’s application of Islamic law as ‘brutal’, his research about recent Somali history is accurate and chillingly true.

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  1. So two wrongs _do_ make a right?

    When you people give up your idiotic quest to force the world to submit to Islam, the world will quit “picking on” you.

    Until you join the assembly of civilized people and learn to live and let live, you will be forever at war with everyone. get used to it. Muslims claim to be heirs of Ishmael, of whom it is said, “​​​​​​​He will be a wild ass of a man. He will be hostile to everyone, and everyone will be hostile to him. He will live away from his brothers.” (Gen 16:12)

    Grow up already, before we get tired of you and are forced to exterminate your legacy.

  2. Why is it that when a Muslim examines the root cause of a terrorist attack or attack on civilians it is assumed that he is “justifying” the attacks? Andalusi has provided a background to what has led these people to do what they did. In reference to the recent shooting rampage on a Navy yard that killed 13 civilians some news reports stated that he did it because he was traumatised by the events on 9/11. Were they justifying terror?

    Does 9/11 justify killing more civilians across two nations who would not have even seen NYC let alone be involved in the deaths of those in the twin towers? Or do you agree with the terrorists that if it’s rooting out the terrorists then it’s ok to kill regardless of whether you’re an organised army led by the US? Twisted logic and double-standards? Try putting things in perspective. On the one hand there is an organised army armed to the teeth versus the lone rangers with smaller arsenal.. both killing civilians to further their cause and both terrorising innocent civilians… not sure which one would scare the likes of asif or Chris more or less.. a random shooting rampage in a shopping mall while out with kids.. or a random bombing from overhead while out shopping that wipes out my entire family and half if not all of the neighbourhood. Are you saying that one is less and the other is more or are you saying one is terror and the other is not?

    Also, when the US and buddies bombed Iraq and Afghanistan (let’s not forget that the US and allies were happy to support and fund Saddam and the Taliban when it suited them btw) and killed thousands of civilians via cluster bombs and drone attacks should we happily assume those people were not terrorised? Were those civilians killed because “they hate our freedom”?

    Laws of Physics .. every action has a reaction.. how about we start looking at the actions that cause the reactions and try putting things into perspective rather than remaining stooped in ignorance or refusing to step outside of that sheep-like comfort zone that everyone finds agreeable as the popular stance to take?

    “I want to scare the hell out of the rest of the world”. ~General Colin Powell prior to the 1991 Gulf War

  3. You are dumb. Nowhere does the author justify killing using religion as excuse. He only exposes the American (and its supporters) hypocrisy with regard to klling civilians. He tries to explain that the reasons for killing civilians are exactly the same for Muslim terrorists and for Western army operations – I do not agree with the author here, but this does not change the fact that you are one of the idiots, who does not know anything about how the world works and blames religion for your own lack of intelligence.

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