Responses to anti-Islamic Polemics

Islamic Ritualistic Cannibalism? A Lie against Islam Refuted.

Theodore Shoebat (Walid Shoebat’s son) claims Islam permits ritualistic cannibalism and eating or non-Muslims! This video is a response to that outlandish claim:

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  1. jesus’ body was not found in the tomb because 1. before jesus gets himself murdered, he tells his deciples to drink his blood and eat his flesh
    2. the deciples literally drink his blood and eat his flesh and the women leave the tomb AFRAID and tell nobody what they saw. it all makes sense, jesus’ deciples eat jesus.

  2. one wonders why in christianity god likes the smell of burnt flesh and why jesus , one day before his murder, tells his deciples to consume him. in order for the deciples to become one with jesus and get magical powers they had to consume his flesh.yhwh NEEDS blood to satisfy himself, the deciples required blood of jesus to feel one with jesus. it all makes sense

  3. muching on jesus’ flesh wouldn’t be a problem for the deciples , why? jesus ‘ deciples are CAUGHT with eating dirty hands, jesus tells the pharisees, “what goes in to the body ISN’T a problem…” so you see, blood and flesh of jesus for sunday meal wouldn’t have been a problem for the deciples who had eatten jesus’ dead body . it all went in , then out into the drain.

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