Event “The Beauty Within”

MDI’s Zara Faris has been invited to an all-sisters event at the Kanoon Towhid centre in Hammersmith, London, UK.

The Advert is below:

Join us for the most inspiring event of the year ‘The Beauty Within’, bringing together community leaders, talent, creativity and the modern Muslim Women.
The day includes a variety of talks on ‘the concept of hijab, status of women in Islam, Islam: feminism and the west’, exhibitions, several workshops; public speaking, discussions, hijab tutorials and poetry.

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Sunday the 16th of June, 3pm at Kanoon Towhid London (30-32 Southerton Road, Hammersmith, W6 0PH).


Tickets on sale from 21st of May,
To purchase tickets (£2 – excluding fees & under 15’s free ) please visit:
For enquiries email:

Download Schedule here.

About the speakers:

Zara Faris- A graduate in Arabic & Islamic Studies from SOAS University, now a researcher and speaker for the Muslim Debate Initiative (MDI). She has delivered lectures on the subjects of women’s rights in Islam, the role of women in Islam, the concept of hijab, and the four greatest women of Islam. She has also publicly debated, ‘Do Women Need Feminism?’ with Green Party Leader, Natalie Bennett.

Amina Inloes – An American scholar, researcher, educator, public speaker and a translator. She has a MA degree in Islamic Studies from the Islamic College in 2009, and MA degree in teaching with an emphasis on mathematics. She is also pursuing a PhD in Islamic Studies at Exeter University on ‘Shi’i hadith about pre-Islamic female figures mentioned or referred to in the Qur’an’. She has written several books: ‘The Queen of Sheba in Shi’a Hadith’,’ Mukhtar al-Thaqafi, Review of The Shi’a Revival in the Journal of Shi’a Islamic Studies’ and ’Conversion to Twelver Shi‘ism among American and Canadian women.’

Shelina Janmohamed – Named one of the world’s 500 most influential Muslims. Vice President, ‘Ogilvy Noor’, the world’s first bespoke Islamic branding practice for building brands with Muslim consumers, globally. A British writer, the author of international best seller ‘Love in a Headscarf’ and ‘A memoir of growing up as a British Muslim woman’. She is also a blogger: her blog is called ‘Spirit21’

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