THE BIG DEBATE: Can European Human Rights tolerate Sharia and other religious laws?

The MDI Debate on whether European Human Rights can tolerate Sharia and other religious laws is now available to watch.

On the 10th of April 2013, a debate was held on whether European Human Rights could incorporate the rights of religions and their practices. A Rabbi, Human Rights Lecturer, Atheist Humanist and a Muslim debated the issue on a panel.|

The initial post-debate review can be read here.

A transcript of the debate will be available soon.

The full video of the exciting debate on Shariah, the intellectual fallacy of Liberalism, European Human Rights, and reality of Liberal Intolerance can be seen below:

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  1. As for my understanding of Capital Punishment, and Al-Qisas in the al-Quran, (someone please correct me if I’m mistaken) but I understand it as an eye for an eye, but should a close relative of the victim forgive the murderer, he shall be pardoned of charges… InshaAllah WAllahualam… Astaughfirullah

    • Astaughfirullah , means Expiating Allah ,the Almerciful , the Alcompassionate , to forgive our sins and to accept our sincere repentance , this. Arabic word , ASTAGFIRULLAH , gives you safe and tranquility , and you will be from the punishment of Allah , Continue saying ASTAGFIRULLAH , you will feel happy and pleasant life .

  2. I am convert to muslim please writ to me at Knocknashee shop river county Wicklow Ireland we can accomodate for meetings regarding this matter and others we are preparing special sited here in ireland.

  3. praise be brethern of Dublin Bus workers for we are given with wisdom and love for all and peace be on your sole for bringing us to this site may your soul eternally run with god in this land

  4. The Debate should be relabelled: Does European Human Rights offer the same coverage as Sharia and other religious laws?

    Sharia has been studied for over 1400 years and is far more advanced than anything they came up with in the last 50 years. look at maaasid al Shariah for example, and the legal maxim of “innocent until proven guilty” is stated in the Quran and is an Islamic precedent that Europe later followed. Principles of Jurisprudence was an islamic development by Imam al Shafii, before that other societies did not look at law in the same objective manner.

  5. I am Muslim bus driver from pakistan,greetings all Irish and Islamic State brothers,we wish peace to hall I agree that muslim law is at the centre of our strugled in my job interestingly i have to sign special disclaimers with my company under LAW I find this offensive as it is not muslim law and I am a muslim.The British Secret service work with the locals along my bus route 185 in Bray.My local politicain is John Brady Sinn Fein has access to newspapers and does not report this.This is why we call for muslim law it must be!

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