The MDI Public Debate: Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael and the covenant – a debate between Zakir Hussain and David Wood

Our debate on the 28th November 2012, on the issue of Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael and the covenant is now available for online.

The debate was between Zakir Hussain and David Wood, on Birmingham Library.

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  1. Zakir is turning into a great debater .If his debate with White was brilliant then this is excellent.

    Good, valid and thoroughly read was Zakir in this debate .

    None of the points which Zakir brought was answered by David . Some points were just overlooked by David as if Zakir never mentioned them .

    Probably David thought that he would receive the Holy Spirit and then he would answer the points raised by Zakir ,but unfortunately for him his Holy spirit too did not answer for him leaving him in holy shit !!

    • hahaha how about the points zak kept on ignoring? how about the fact that he picks a single verse out of context and makes a case for it when the whole context refutes his argument?? why did you not listen to david properly? how many times did he emphasize the inconsistency of zak’s argumentation. also, ur a perfect example of what islam produces: arrogance and mockery of other people and other people’s beliefs and religion. Complete intolerance. What do you have to mock the Holy Spirit? u dont believe in Him, does that mean u gotta make fun of what we believe? unfortunately ur doing well in resembling ur prophet’s deeds. In this u follow him perfectly.

  2. There were many points which David was ducking again and again but these 2 are worth to mention as David overlooked them and did not even bother to respond to them .

    1) How is Jesus the seed of Abraham ?

    2) How old was Ismael ?

    I will respond to these questions as iam filled with holy spirit .

    First question , how is Jesus the seed of Abraham ?

    ANS no 1:

    The sperm or the seed of Abraham vaporized and was taken up by the Holy spirit and then released by him into Mary when he came over her and then it transformed again into sperm and Jesus was born.

    ANS no 2:

    The sperm or seed of Abraham was passed down as mentioned in 2 different ways in Matthew and Luke . From Abraham it came to Joseph and then it jumped into air and then went straight into Mary .

    Hallelujah , amen , Jesus is indeed the seed of Abraham or in short God is indeed the seed of Abraham !!!

    You stupid Muslims will never understand this .

    Question no 2 , how old was Ismael ?

    Ans :

    I prayed to holy spirit to answer this , he came over and into me and said to me son this is indeed a contradiction !!! , he also said to me may be the holy Father has an answer .

    so now iam praying to the father to answer this .Holy Father hallowed be thy name give me this day the answer to this question .

    Hey , holy father can you answer this ???

    • im very scared of people like you. You have no respect for anyone else apart from muslims. I thank God that most muslims do not follow their religion and do not read the sources and even if they do most of you do not even understand it. Turns out, having a religion in one language can be very useful for the non musilims. How was jesus the seed of abraham? Jesus was born of mary and since mary was a seed of abraham Jesus was the seed of abraham. how hard is that? i pray God will open ur eyes and ull realize what darkness ur in. also, can u give me any evidence that muhammad was the seed of ishamel?

    • Imran just refutes each and every point raised by Samuel green . Great performance !

      Iam getting a sort of bored by listening to the same points raised by Samuel again and again, the hafs and wafs reading , uthman burning manuscripts .When Muslims listen to them we know how naive he is in the history of Quran.

      • Salaam, jazakallahu khairan for the video , an eligthening watch. May God the indispensable ONE upon whom all things depend, bless the respected brother.

  3. Apparently this is the doctored video where your indian bros seemingly pulled a fast one on green. He made his own recording luckily with his power points included.

    Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

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