Palestine: Calling For Truth & Justice (2012)

A Must watch video made by an MDI member. This video presentation pieces together information on the present and past events in the Israel-Palestine conflict to complete an otherwise incomplete overview of the situation as presented by mainstream media.

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  1. Thank-You for Posting.

    There is so much we can watch. This is helpful to understand the situation and know the facts of this conflict and the origin….most people don’t know it. Sadly, media is so biased that even Muslims with other media sources don’t know the fact or sequence of events. #3 is good!

    1) What is happened in Gaza in this week long murder……you will never see this in media

    2) What Led up to the Escalation….Sequence of events [While the event was still folding out]

    3) How Israel was formed by Mike Peled (Jewish)

    4) Israeli Soldier Explains how they are systematically taking Palestine and humiliate

    5) A Israeli Jew (converted to Christianity) gives his opinion

    6) American Jewish Human Rights Activist (Shares First Hand Experience)

    7)What is Happening in Palestine and How the world is so silent (Mike Peled)

    How Palestine was wiped off the map:

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