The Big Debate on Freedom of Speech – KCL London, 25th October 2012



Sparked by the recent events in the Muslim world after the release of the video entitled “The Innocence of Muslims”, the KCL Student union brings you ‘The Big Debate on Freedom of Speech’ and how far it should go.

Was the reaction of the Muslims justified?

Does having freedom of speech imply there are no consequences for what is said?

How far should a community go to defend what they hold sacred?

Is this more a question of humanity, rather than bureaucracy?

Join us for this fascinating discussion with guest speakers:

Abdullah Andalusi, an international acitivist, thinker, speaker and debater on Muslim and Islamic issues

Rupert Sutton, co-author of “Challenging Extremists: Practical Frameworks for our Univerisities”

WHEN: Thursday 25th Oct. 18:00

WHERE: Anatomy Lecture Theatre, Hodgkin Building, Guys’ Campus (King’s College London, University of London), London Bridge

Nearest London tube station: London Bridge

Categories: MDI UK

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