MDI Debate: Is Muhammed (saaw) in the Bible?

For those of you living in London, UK, the first of MDI’s upcoming three debates, will be this Monday, at the London Muslim Centre (East London Mosque), at 6:00pm (6:15pm start – sharp).

Brother Zakir Hussain, debates seasoned American Christian scholar, Dr James White on the fascinating and evocative topic: Is Muhammed (saaw) in the Bible?

Attendance is free, and open to all.

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  1. James white reviewed his debate and people Are believing it ha ha ha ha

    See his following debates

    1) can man become god with abdullah Kunde
    2) great trinity debate with andulausi
    3) all debates with shabbir ally
    4) does Islam misunderstood Christianity with bassam
    5) is Jesus god with zatari
    6) does bible misquote Jesus with ehrman

    In all the above debates he does nothing but preach and hardly score a point and is always at his superficial ignorant best

    The debates with kunde , andulausi , shabbir and ehrman were devastating for him but he still keeps his face and writes very favourable reviews of his own self on his site and more surprising is people believe it like the comment made by vj above

    • @jesus (not Jesus Christ)

      I have heard the debate, so not just believing the review, and as for the rest of the debates, his opponents lost it badly, including shabbir ally who was humiliated due to his dishonesty and inconsistency, and if you think the debate with abdullah kunde was a victory then its a big joke.
      Finally if you think this debate was a victory then please advertise it on the web so that the viewers can leave Islam, LOL

      • None of his opponents lost , it was James White who lost very very badly , open your sleeping eyes and deluded brain to see properly .

        Shabbir Ally was as usual brilliant and scholarly in his debate with James , it was James who was not.

        Coming on to debate with Abdullah , James White was absolutely beaten , Abdullah was having top class rational arguments and James White was as usual speaking with out even thinking what he was speaking and contradicting himself frequently.

        Coming on to this debate James White was no match to the research and arguments which Zakir brought .

  2. Without doubt, if one hears the debate, Zakir did well masha’Allah, and James White was no match. Just see how many times White misquoted and was exposed by Zakir! And White ignored many of the important points that Zakir made. Plus White was no match and showed lack of consistency, when Zakir made the right point that the Christians claim many prophecies for Jesus in the OT, yet they’re no where as clear as the Prophecies about Prophet Muhammed (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) in the Bible.
    Even White admitted that Zakir did his homework.
    As for being “all over the place”, Zakir did say that in his rebuttal stage, because he had to answer many of the points of White, because White was “all over the place”. So be fair. Its not like Zakir didn’t say “I won’t be all over the place”. But even then, Zakir did well and I think it was right he countered many of White’s arguments, instead of just being “in one place”, a tactic of White.

    • Thanks for the links.

      Again we will appreciate it if any one of the muslim audience recorded the video for it to be published.

      The last debate between Sami Zaatari and David Wood in the US was left to be recorded by David wood who edited the embarrassing part he suffered and posted the rest.

    • MDI
      Thank you very much for the work you are doing. We pray for you in all your endeavors.

      Please could you direct us to the debate between Sami Zaatari and David Wood in the US title “Is Mohammad a good role model to society”(I mean the one which was recorded by MDI or a muslim because there is no questions and answers to the David Woods recordings which is linked at this site.

      Again we will appreciate if a muslim video recording of Naik Hussain and James White is published so that it will serve as an educational and reference material for all.

      If we leave the recordings of these historic debates to christians like David Wood, for sure they will edit it and destroy its intergrity.

      • Christian you are either deluded or is lying if you say James white won this

        He was no match to the academic points and research zakir got in the debate

        Zakir refuted each and every point of James whereas James ignored many points of zakir and the arguments which James brought were very poor

        There are 2 ways after watching this debate anybody could say James won

        1) they did not see the part of zakir in the debate

        2) their brain is seriously deluded and their rational thinking is derailed

        The problem with Christian is the 2 one because the virus of trinity which he and his like minded trinitarian Christians carry has severely corrupted the files of rational thinking in their brains that they could not see plain things because believing in something as trinity is to seriously putt aside logic and rational thinking so when you put aside rational thinking you bring forth such claims

        Christian we Muslims have a very powerful anti virus of trinity the monotheism followed by Abraham please upload this anti virus it just eradicates the pagan deadly virus of trinity and liberates your brain so that you can think rationally again and when you think rationally and see this debate then you will see there is only ONE WINNER HERE AND THAT IS ZAKIR HUSSAIN

  3. Great Job by Abdullah Al Andalusi. He just posted the historic debate between Naik Hussain and James White. I will record it for educational purposes.


  4. I’m going to be listening to the debate soon. I have benefited much from Dr. James White and have listened to many of his debates on different topics. I simply want to say to the commenters above, who are saying that Dr. White lost, that such talk is uninformative, because you guys are not discussing the any of the points from the debate. As encouragement for further dialogue with Christians like me, on your part, I would suggest you spoke more about the arguments presented and pontificate less about who won. Blessings.

    • To be fair, both Christians and Muslims are hearing trying to ‘count up the points’ for who won the debate. While I agree that we should have a more mature discussion, we must first admit that neither Islam nor Christianity have a monopoly on immature, biased and prejudiced followers.

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