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American terrorist shoots gun at Chicago mosque

Shots fired at Chicago mosque

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  1. promulgate;
    Every white terrorist is a psycho, while, every Muslim psycho is a terrorist!
    I wonder if FOX news would bring a mention of such terrorist targetting the freedom of religion in the empire of freedom!

    • Well, it’s good some Westerners are aware of such fact!
      Many are ignorant enough to think that a Muslim is either a Middle Eastern or a Pakistani!
      Islam is not a ethnicity.
      What made me put my first comment was you calling such white western terrorist a “psycho” without any proven evidence of such mental disorder!
      My friend, he is simply an Islamophobe Terrorist.

  2. Greetings Darwish, Just stray away from freedomphobia. Your second comment is prudent. Also there are Mulisms whomever they are that will use stealth or in your face tactics of fear to get their way. But people are sick and tired of this and more educated of Islam around the globe for the most part. There are some places that people are now getting more aware of Islam and fighting back. Whom ever the culprits are in Islam are causing juggernaut of issues for muslims around the world. So Muslims are the people who need to call-up and put down the Muslims whom are making the calibration of circumferences. Not other surveyors to raise the curtain and take care of the burlesque.

    • Thanks promulgate;
      Efforts are already paid in the direction you recommended.
      I do believe it’s a part of the solution, but not everything.
      Islamophobes are still making up false allegations about Islam in a way that reflects a totally opposite image of what it’s really all about.
      I hope you’re not among those who believe that “only” Muslims must handle both internal and external loads!
      The world (especially the West) must show some cooperation in buiding bridges with such 1/3rd non negligible Muslim population.
      It can’t be a one way process by Muslims while being faced with ignorance and inconsistancy by others.

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