“Fight those who do not believe” (9:29) Quran in its REAL context

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  1. Broshadid. in context you are not all through the video you are being a rejoiner of issues and showing David Woods right. David is doing right because you are trying hard to refute him and defame is character. As for the word hype it is part of language. Etc.

    • What are you talking about? I showed David Wood was and is wrong! I presented the clear evidence and facts that made my case and refuted Davis claims. Seems you are just a cheerleader. David is clearly wrong , I proved it.

  2. Shadid is completely right ,scholarship supports him too .

    Coming to Davids woods position he has his own opinion on it with out scholarly validation which is a typical of him , the only one support he has with him is ignorant people like you who do not no a word of Arabic and Islamic history but will argue for the sake of argument .

    We have these Christians like David Wood and Sam Shamoun who are ignorant sheep of there risen Lord , just as lord so are sheep !!!

    Shadid is also not trying hard to refute David Muslims already know how much of a scholar he is in Islamic history ,the rebuttal is just for people like you who if we do not respond think that David is right and irrefutable .Grow up

  3. Jesus. you are way to tolerant. Would you like some tollhouse-cookies and milk. you are doing the same trying to defame character of people whom do not have the same philosophy. As you say opinion.

  4. I watched your other video on Quran 2:256 and it was good and i disagree with promulgate, Shadid is right and he always completely refutes David but one thing i dont think you should make your videos too long.

  5. The context of 9.29 provided in the video is just one possible scenario. The command can be obeyed in the context of other scenarios, including pre-emptive attacks on the people of the book which are not in retaliation to a previous attack. The text itself must dictate the possible contexts in which the command can be obeyed and it does not dictate any limitation to a defensive context.

  6. If you want to argue that 2.190 is not abrogated and interprete 9.29 with 2.190, then the meaning of the two commandments when combined is obviously that the people of the book are an exception to the general rule that one should only fight those who have first attacked you:

    Fight those who fight you………..(except in the case of the people of the book, in which case you should) …………..fight those of the people of the book who do not truly believe in God and the last day, who do not forbid what God and his messenger have forbidden; until they pay the tax and agree to submit.

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