Responses to anti-Islamic Polemics

Does Quran 2:256 show that Islam isn’t a religion of peace? Response to David Wood.

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  1. David Wood, Sam Shamoun, Nabeel Qureshi are deceitful. They can never defend Christianity but instead choose to attack Islam but since they can’t find logical or theological fallacies, can’t find true contradiction….they instead shop around for any ambiguous statement / hadiths or not well founded opinion; use that to attack Islam. They don’t realize that Quran is above all. So for them to find a problem, it has to be from Quran.

    I am sorry to say but Christianity is bankrupted. It has logical fallacies, theological fallacies, the book is put together by Roman king, it has scribe making changes to its text….(God knows, how much is there we didn’t caught), it has 4 gospels where Jesus’s status keeps getting bigger, it has its own text contradicting itself all the time. Could this be from God or Devil?

    Who was Jesus is still up for debate, did Jesus get resurrected is up for debate, Gospel of John has always been up for debate….

    • yes, christianity is a stupidity worshiping fellow human (jesus) as god. they think they can rely on ignorant rascals like sam shamoun , david wood , ali sina and co to shake islam. no learned person on islam would take their lies serious. it exposes christianity to be too irrational and fit for beasts only

  2. Mashallah great video refuting David but brother i think you should make many more refuting the Anti-Islamic Scholars.

  3. Sam Shamoun + Robert Spencer + David Wood

    A Holy Trinity of lies , hate and deception . Suddenly after citing their example i started understanding the trinity !!!!!! . Any Guesses who could be the Holy Ghost among them ???

  4. I can hardly remember how Sam Shamoun & William Campbell ran away from the middle of the show from Dr. Naik.

    Nabeel, Sam they failed that’s why dragged Ali Sina and other atheist. They are like Abu Lahab & his wife. Anyways all the propaganda bout Islam has no effect to revertation it’s gaining everyday.

    But still greetings for those atheists.

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