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EDL Member Get’s 3 Month Prison Term

And in familiar news, another member of the ‘peaceful’ ‘non-violent’ movement, known as the English Defence League, is sent to jail for assault. How many has it been for arrests this year alone? Let alone in the past 3 years since the inception of this movement? Not to forget, this movement is openly supported by Robert Spencer.

Courtesy of Islamophobia-Watch:

Hope Not Hate reports that thanks to photographic evidence they were able to give the police, an English Defence League member, Steven Crispin, has been convicted of an attack on two Muslim brothers during an EDL anti-mosque protest in Dagenham last year, in the course of which he kicked one of the victims and fractured his jaw. Unfortunately a decision was taken not to charge Crispin with a racially aggravated offence and he received a jail sentence of just three months.

In December last year another EDL member, John McAndrew, received a 14-month custodial term to serve a minimum of seven months having been convicted of participating in the attack on the brothers. He was subsequently handed a five-year CRASBObanning him attending EDL demonstrations or entering mosques, Islamic cultural centres and Muslim festival sites.

The Muslim Debate Initiative shall be debating the head of the EDL, Tommy Robinson, in October, that should be very interesting indeed. More news on that to follow.

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