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Rohingya Muslims face ethnic cleansing at hands of Buddhist extremists

It is time for the world– including Muslims– to learn more about the desperate plight of the Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar.



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  1. Sad that any human would be treated this way, but I’m not sure if I’d call it Buddhist extremism because I won’t be able to find any Sutra or principle in the Dharma to justify this. Instead this is no different than any clash of human beings who can’t get past their egos.

    Peace and love,


    • Farhan Qureshi

      Any religious group that harm or contributes in any way to harm others is certainly extremist, terrorist and clash of culture and civilization.

      That is the the general definition but not your individual definition. Yes they are Buddhist extremist attacking innocent muslims.

      Any religion will proof to you that its scriptures does not support this atrocities, but you will find some of its members harming others.

  2. It is Prejudice. —It is a universal human weakness.
    Prejudice occurs when one group decides the other is different/inferior to them. Arrogance is the underlying vice.

    Al-Gazzali, the philosopher called it the “Iblisi Logic”–after the story of Iblis in the Quran.

  3. It is really another sad story of Muslims’ persecution in another unnoticed part of the world. They are being punished only because of being Muslims. We, the proponent,of humanity and democracy must join our voice to put pressure on the Myanmar’s Govt and other UN orgs to take stringent measures to curb this abuse of state power and for protection of our brothers and sisters humans.

  4. My friends its all about interest. No body cares any more about religion except the very few. The country is full of opportunities for the west!!!!!

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