Responses to anti-Islamic Polemics

Is the Quran In Its Original text?

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  1. Bro Paul, thanks a lot. I would recommend reading the best book, i know of, about the divine preservation of this guidance for humanity titled “History of the Quranic text : From Revelation to Compilation, A comparative study with OT & NT” by Sheikh Dr.MM Azami, born in India, who lives in Saudia. The author, himself a classical scholar with a Cambridge Ph.D. smashes arguments against the corruption of Quran, by also placing the OT & NT in front of mirror. Upon reading the book, my belief in Quran was further reinforced. The writer has numerous books to his credit, including the expose of famous orientalist Joseph Schacht’s OofIJ and the Hadith analysis, to name a few.

  2. Ask God , Allaah, because HE sent it down for all of mankind. Lets not play games.

    Take or leave it. ALLAAH is not desperate for us humans. HE does not need us , we (the human race) need HIM.

    By accepting Islaam , we are not doing anyone a favour, but ourselves.

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