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The Terror Threat that wasn’t

The Islamophobe blogosphere last week was in full swing concerning a supposed terror threat to the London Olympics, a terror threat that turned out to be no threat at all. Don’t expect any of those websites to publicly retract of course, this latest non issue is just one of many supposed terror threats that turned out to be no threats at all, but were originally hyped up Islamophobic websites.

From the Associated Press:

Two British Muslim converts arrested following a canoeing trip near the Olympic site have been released without charge. Scotland Yard says an 18-year-old and a 32-year-old arrested at separate addresses in east London last week have been freed “with no further action.” Police didn’t identify the men, but a friend named them as Jamal ud-Din and “Zakariya” respectively and said they’d been canoeing on the River Lee, a branch of which runs through the Olympic site in east London. The friend, Minzanur Rahman, had told The Associated Press that the trip was innocent, “just people trying to get into the Olympic spirit.” Intelligence officials say there has been an expected increase in chatter among extremist groups but there are still no specific or credible threats targeting the Olympics.

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