A Crucial Difference Between How Muslim & Extremist Evangelical Christian Communities Deal With Their Terrorists and Preachers of Hate

Islamophobes (in particular extremist Christian evangelicals) are continuously nagging on about how Muslims aren’t doing enough combating extremism in the Muslim world. The fact is that there are a countless number of fatwas issued against extremism, Islamic conferences condemning extremism, Muslims cooperating with western countries in thwarting terror plots, governments in Muslim countries hunting down and chasing terrorists residing in Muslim lands like dogs (to the extent that even the human rights of such terrorists are being violated) & Muslim apologists (either individual or organizational such as MDI) continuously refuting the arguments these terrorists use in order to find justification for their crimes in Islamic scriptures.

Nooo…. nooo… this is not enough for these haters. As a matter of fact, they don’t even recognize the attempt and effort on the part of Muslims to combat extremism (despite the fact that more Muslims have been killed by Muslim terrorists than non-Muslims have been).

Since Muslims are supposedly not doing a good enough job according to these evangelicals, then perhaps we could look to them as our role models then?

Let’s see…. how have Christian evangelicals been combating the extremist Christian Zionist movement, which offers support to the terrorist state of Israel?

Oh, what’s that??? They do the exact opposite of what Muslims are doing in combating extremism?????

Instead of issuing religious verdicts against helping the terrorist state of Israel, we find the contrary (see here http://www.patrobertson.com/Speeches/IsraelLauder.asp and here http://www.cdn-friends-icej.ca/judeochr/biblical.html)

Instead of holding conferences speaking out against Israel, they hold ones in support of them (see here http://www.nytimes.com/2006/11/14/washington/14israel.html)

Instead of cooperating with the Palestinians to liberate their land from the illegal Israeli occupiers, they in fact encourage the occupation.

Instead of hunting down material supporters of Israel, they praise them and hold them in high regard as apologists (such as William Lane Craig, Dr. Michael Brown, etc.) and professors at prestigious universities (such as Dr. Kenneth Richard Samples who teaches at Biola University).

Instead of refuting extremists who support Israel, they make effort in refuting those Christian evangelicals who oppose Zionism by trying to show how the Bible actually teaches that one should be a Zionist.

So these extremist Christian Evangelicals are doing the exact opposite (i.e. supporting terrorism) of what Muslims are doing (i.e. fighting terrorism), yet they have the nerve to lecture us!!! The sad part is that they won’t even recognize that Israel is a terrorist state!

Muslims need to do less apologizing to and be more demanding of these hypocrites to fight terrorism within their own communities. Once they do that, they then might have a right to come lecture us Muslims on how we could do better in countering extremism within our own societies.


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  1. Bassam, Are you saying these men are Zionists?… “Instead of hunting down material supporters of Israel, they praise them and hold them in high regard as apologists (such as William Lane Craig, Dr. Michael Brown, etc.) and professors at prestigious universities (such as Dr. Kenneth Richard Samples who teaches at Biola University).” Can you link to something they’ve said?

    • Hey Brian!!! Nice to see you here 🙂

      Needing to prove that Michael Brown is a Zionist is like proving that you eat cereal with milk. It’s something too well known to anyone who regularly listens to Brown.

      As for Samples, ironically it was YOU Brian who recommended me to listen to some of his stuff around 4 to 5 years back and I clearly remember being angry listening to him talking about his support for the state of Israel and how he blamed the Palestinians for not submitting to the occupation and moving on with their lives. In exactly which lecture he said that, I can’t remember, but I remember it as clear as day. It must be one of his recordings on Islam.

      As for William Lane Craig, he said in one of his reasonable faith podcasts that he thinks that the united states should continue supporting Israel as a crucial ally. I’ve listened to too many of Craig’s podcasts, I can’t remember which one, however what I know for sure is that it’s more than 2 years old.

      • Salam Bassam

        as you have made extremely serious accusations against Dr William Lane Craig, Dr. Michael Brown and Dr. Kenneth Richard Samples – that they support terrorism – I think it is imperative that you substantiate your claims by citing quotations from credible sources.

        Editor MDI blog

      • Thanks Bassam… haven’t listened to those guys in a while. I guess I need to go look them up. Do you see any difference between a country being an ally of Israel in general and one that is an ally but objects to certain policies or practices?

  2. Hi Paul,

    MIchael Brown, WLC and KS support Israel, which I interpret as supporting terrorism. They don’t explicitly say that they support terrorism.

  3. “Do you see any difference between a country being an ally of Israel in general and one that is an ally but objects to certain policies or practices?”

    There are different levels and categories of supporters for Israel, that’s for sure.

    However, I am referring to the religious fanatics who don’t do it out of mere self-interest (the driving force in every country’s policies today), but out of sincere conviction. That is… the extremist Zionists and they have the nerve to blast others, while they fail to look into the mirror.

  4. Wouldn’t it be great if Jews Muslims and Christians could actually sit down with each other and try and talk it through to the end that we all work out what we fear from the other. Perhaps that’s just naive?? BUT It should be possible, surely???

    • Hi Michael, yes, considering that Jews, Muslims, and Christians make up a group of over 2 billion people (at least) then it is naive to think that they “could actually sit down with each other”, much less, “talk it through to the end”. Possible for individuals and small groups though. But it won’t happen on a grand scale.

    • Michael…

      so if only Muslims and Zionists just sat down with the Israeli government and if the Palestinians asked the Israeli’s if they wouldn’t mind being really really nice and kindly withdraw their troops from Palestinian land?

      Yep, you are absolutely right Michael. The Anglican methodology of a nice cup of English tea and a chat is just the solution we need! 🙂

    • Michael, if you only knew how much I wish your utopic ambitions could be true, but we need to be realistic.

  5. I support Israel’s right, as a sovereign nation, to act in it’s own interest and to defend itself against Arab agression. Let’s not be naive about the whole thing. The Arab’s won’t rest until Israel ceases to exist as a nation. Good luck Israel.

  6. As Zawadi said: He regards Israel’s actions towards certain communities (Muslim and Christian Palestinians) to be acts of terror, ipso facto unqualified support of Israel by members of the Evangelical community like Craig and Brown etc. is support of terror.

    You may not LIKE his assertion, or agree with it, but he has most certainly qualified it.

    Methinks the evangelicals don’t like it when the same standard is used for them as used for Islamic scholars who support Hamas etc. Tough.

    It’s actually pathetic how brain-dead people like MADmanna actually support the persecution of Palestinian Christians. They also masquerade as Christians and then talk about the non – Biblical ‘sovereign rights of nations’. Sadly, their politics are more confused than their religious beliefs and most true Christians would be ashamed of them.

  7. If persecution of minorities is the benchmark of legitimacy most Muslim countries delegitimize themselves.

    Whether the Palestine Christians would be better off under Arab hegemony is questionable. I doubt it very much. The persecution would simply intensify in my opinion.

    “and then talk about the non – Biblical ‘sovereign rights of nations’.”…………what a joke.

  8. “Who made the “West” the arbiters of who has a “right” to exist and who does not?”

    Obviously the ultimate arbiter must be God himself.

    Assuming for the sake of argument that there is such a thing as the “Palestinian people”, it seems ironic to me that they were denied their “right” to self-determination and their homeland by successive Islamic rulers from around 650 to 1918, some 1300 years. Israel will have to be around for a long time to come before they can match that.

    If you apply the same criteria to Germany you would come to the conclusion that they have the right to return to the lands that they lost after the first and second world wars; also that some European countries are now the occupiers of German land.

    Why are Arab aggessors immune against losing land by losing wars?

    After three lost wars they want the land for nothing. Bare-faced cheek if you ask me. Not to mention the gravy train of overseas aid pouring in from the West. Alice in wonderland.

  9. All persons interested in Israel and Jews should Google “Do Christian Zionist Authors Push Their Agenda Through Lies and Plagiarism?”
    (Warning: Christian Zionists will not be provided with shock absorbers!)

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