New MDI debate coming soon in the USA…

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  1. Every debate Sami has had with David Sami always owns him like the debate on is muhammad pbuh a true prophet.

  2. Sami Zaatari brother,
    The way you answer Alisina is superb and may GOD gives u long and happy life in both the worlds……brother pls try to answer the stupid website created by the half knowledge people……….. May GOD reward you for your good work and may GOD punishes Alisina and who r the follower of devil……..

  3. Adverse Effects of Islamic Fasting, wiki… islam …etc; they are with the half knowledge making people to deviate from islam thru false claim and false assumptions….. pls brother try to remove these wiki… which are not at all giving the true information which was revealed in Quran about a topic like ramdaan etc; ………… By their false assumptions they are hurting true followers of islam , If they claim anything means they should provide every point regarding to that topic but not like that to hide what is positive and showing a part of the misinterpret context etc;…

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