Julian Assange asks about the Caliphate and Shari’ah

An excerpt from an interview done for RT by Julian Assange (Wikileaks founder). He talks to Moazzam Begg [ex-Guantanamo inmate] and Asim Qureishi from Cageprisoners. In this part of the interview they talk about the Caliphate and Shari’ah in the Muslim World. The complete interview can be seen here:

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  1. Congrats to my boy Julian ‘The Silver Surfer’ Assange for laying it down quite flat and demanding clear answers on issues like adultery/Caliphate etc. The guys rose to it as well and it made for interesting viewing.

    I would have gone medieval on his ass just for fun though and said ‘Yeah, prove adultery SHOULDN’T be a capital offence, don’t assume it’ and told him also that in Islam we do not recognise nation states and insist on the Brotherhood of humanity and see the Westphalian notion of ‘countries’ as an impediment to this.

    Take or leave it you rogue you!

    P.S Assange is a bloody hero

    • This is a very late reply. Apologies. You have misunderstood Assange very badly my islamist friend. Assange believes in securaliism and has a deep distaste of those who would take away many of our individual freedoms in the name of reilgion. He supports Cage and interviews Begg and Qreshi because he believes in freedom of expression and information and believes that the universal principles of human rights he adheres to should be extended to those who disagree with him. He allows them to speak and listens respectfully. In the end when he questions them about the literalness of their belief on the issue of adultery and Sharia punishments – they,answer with lots of qualifications, and end by stating that, yes, they, like you, believe that is is sometimes just to execute those who transgress sexually. Assange’s complete distaste and disgust are evident here for those who want to see it. This interview shows the importance of freedom of speech and dialogue to me – it allows islamists to speak fully and clarify their views – and I have seen at last just how abhorrent some of these views are to me Je suis Charlie

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