Abdullah Al Andalusi’s debate with Tommy Robinson (Head of the EDL)

Salam alaikum everyone,
The long awaited time has come – Abdullah al Andalusi debated Tommy Robinson (leader of the English Defence League) on a TV Channel debate entitled “Is Islam synonymous with Terrorism?” recorded yesterday. We also had a member of the BNP attend as well!
The show is scheduled for broadcast on ‘Vox Africa TV‘ on Sky satellite channel 218, at 9pm (London/GMT) today
The broadcast is only available in Europe and Africa – but MDI will try and get the video posted up online inshallah.
I hope you all enjoying watching it, inshallah

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  1. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE find the interview and put it online… I understand the racist and vile EDL dicator of a leader, Tommy R….. got shred to pieces……he was exposed as an ignorant fool….. please do put the link up when you find it… THANKS

  2. you have to be joking,he made you look like fools,never once did you or razza give an answer to his questions…..your deluded ,you made islam look alot worse than it is……god help you and your cult

  3. I see you have now ran away from my blog to MDI’s blog. Let me ask you for the second time, name me one, just one question that I did not answer, which Tommy posed to me? Time to stop blithering and start delivering 🙂

    It seems to me, that if we did soo badly as you seem to suggest, you wouldn’t be on here trying to tell us so – seems like me, and the other Muslims, performance on the show actually got under the skin of people like you. We’ll take that as a complement.

  4. I watched this and believe me it was the other way round. Tommy showed YOU up for what you really are. The takiya that was spouted from you was unbelievable and as has been said you didn’t answer any of his questions because you COULDN’T!

  5. Wow…Well done Abdullah. That was a massive EDL mauling.

    You showed Tommy Robinson……or whatever his name is nowadays, to be the insincere person he is.

    The EDL have been hiding away from you for a long time and now we saw why!

    Although he AGREED to debate you, I think he’ll be on the run again.

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