MDI Recommends ‘The Muslim Archives’

The aim of The Muslim Archives channel is to facilitate the learning and understanding of concepts deeply rooted in religious or non-religious ideologies and belief systems by uploading videos of relevant lectures, discussions and debates. Viewers will be able to learn various arguments and counter-arguments from experienced da’ees (Muslim speakers) and others who deeply hold true such concepts.

A lot of ‘never seen before’ original videos will come from London’s Hyde Park Speakers’ Corner, an open space for ‘on the spot’ unrestricted discussions and debates, where opposing parties are free to express their views and criticisms usually with no time constraints.

NB, In various simultaneous ‘live’ public discussions or dialogues, it is often difficult to capture the beginning of a discussion and not everyone appreciates a camera in their faces, while others do not give their consent. Moreover the cameraman is usually the Muslim speaker himself, hence some recordings will reflect this fact.

This channel is maintained by a Muslim and he appreciates suggestions and constructive feedback.

Please visit this archive, subscribe to the videos – and enjoy the debates! 


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