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“What About The Hundreds Of Innocent People WE Are Killing With OUR Drone Strikes In Pakistan!”

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  1. Too much talk and no listening from either side! Always a bad sign! Let’steach ourselves to listen to each.

    When we persevere with the help of a gentle discipline, we slowly come to hear the still, small voice and to feel the delicate breeze, and so to come to know the presence of Love.

    • hmmm with respect Michael, all this talk of ‘delicate breezes’ and so forth easy if you live in the richest most exclusive part of London (Kensington).

      If your family have been shredded by missiles fired from American drones I suspect that is not going to be their first response.

  2. ‘Land of the Free & Home of the Brave’; as in free to talk as long as you are willing to get put in a full nelson by an oversized policeman and thrown out of the room.

    If that’s what they do to white girls I’d hate to see what would happen if a bearded black amn got rowdy…

    And Mr Fuller, what on Earth?!?! What do you mean ‘either side’? As far as I could see the young woman’s ‘side’ got thrown out. It’s not like there was a MUTUAL breakdown in communication.

  3. Sadly, Americans will only care about drone use when it starts happening to them. Oops, it’s here:
    And the “Liberal” President Obama is the first President to authorize the assassination of U.S. citizens. ( Who knows which citizens will next be determined to be against the national interest? Moderate Muslims? Evangelical Christians? Anti-War Protesters? Global Warming Deniers? Who knows?

  4. @ 1:39 “Al Qaeda’s killing of innocents mostly men, women, and children has badly tarnished its appeal and image in the eyes of Muslims around the world…” He forgot to add “…killing of innocents including women and children across Afghanistan and Iraq has also badly tarnished the image and appeal of America’s ‘WAR on TERROR’ in the eyes of Muslims and non-Muslims alike around the world”.

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