Riz Khan: War and peace in Quran and Bible

A must watch!

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  1. It seems to me that this can only be the first step – to discuss the fact that the Qur’an itself is no more violent (and likely even less violent) than the Bible itself.
    We cannot leave it at that, however, because another question will follow immediately upon the heels of this one. That question is: If the Qur’an is less violent than the Bible, why does it seem to be the case, then, that more Muslims are committing violent acts explicitly in the name of their faith than Christians are? This question *will not* be satisfactorily answered for the common man with reference to past acts of violence committed by Christians, or by the current subtle effects of cultural imperialism/nationalism, etc. which may have their roots in Christian ideology.
    I bring this up as a former Islamophobe who spent years reading the writings of not only Islamophobes, but of average people who can only see Muslim-perpetrated terrorism as being caused directly by Islam. I was able to get over my own Islamophobia by study of Islam, but I fear that the average person will not be willing to do this in order form their own conclusions.
    Jenkins mentions ‘time’ as a remedy, but I fear that in these Patriot Act days in which even American liberal Democrats are willing to bomb majority Muslim nations, we do not have the luxury of time.
    Every Mohammed Merah resets the clock to zero on acceptance of the facts presented in videos such as this. I know this because I felt it in my own gut as I read the details of Toulouse, and I see it in the words of others. No amount of the highlighting of Israeli-committed atrocities will help the West to get over this impression of Islam so long as the West believes that Israel is justified in acting however strongly against adherents of a faith which obviously, to them, inspires bloodthirsty madness.
    The West has to be told how it should answer the question it will ask itself next: if the Qur’an is not an inherently violent text, then why are Muslims so obviously mad with bloodlust? (The question is flawed, but it is the one that will be asked, and success relied on our being able to answer it in a way that speaks to the average person of good faith.)

  2. Yes your on time with this post it’s sad but true. There is so much more hate & abuse that you didn’t even cover I’m sure that was out of respect for forlwoels of Islam. I know if I was following something that mentally, pyhs, verbal, sexual abuse the female forlwoels, not to mention that Islam is the orginal racist. I would be mad that someone said something about my harm that I was causing my fellow human. And for goodness shake if I was a follower of Islam I would not want anyone to know that Islam kills you for so many things like trying to get out of the crazy Islam faith or marrying someone out of the faith and so much more. Bottom line Islam is like being married to a wife beater who can take your life if so desired and they do this under the name of faith . Very sick people that follow Islam is not a faith based anything just pure hate.

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