University of Sussex: 2 MDI Lectures (February 2012)


Wednesday 15th of February

Talk: “Shariah Law:Barbaric or Misunderstood”
Speaker: Abdullah Al Andalusi
Venue: Arts A1
Time: 6-8pm

Monday 20th of February

Talk: “Islam or Secularism: Which one makes more sense”
Abdullah Al-Andalusi

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  1. looking forward to see Paul Williams talk on “Jesus Christ: Prophet or God” .In his last debate he came ,he saw and he conquered with his biblical knowledge and logic .

    I want to see him in the very same style .

    Best of luck to him

  2. I second that, except that your choice of nickname. I hope it doesnt mean mocking up our christian brethrens here


  3. I kept jesus as my blogging name not to mock my christian brothers .it is that i like jesus that is why i kept his name is it wrong Eric ?

  4. Brother Paul please put your talk on “Jesus Christ: Prophet or God” waiting recklessly to see it.

    I want to see what brother Paul Williams says on this topic .2000 yr ago Paul of tarsus clearly separated Jesus Christ from God but unfortunately our Christian brothers overlook this .What i think about Paul of tarsus after reading his epistles is that Paul believed Jesus Christ as a separate being and inferior to God .He just wanted to drive Judaism out of its rigid confines just as Jesus wanted to but over did it.

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