Can God become a man?: A Christian/Muslim Dialogue – Australia

We are happy to announce that our MDI branch in Australia will be taking part in a public event on October 17th, the event will feature MDI speaker Abdullah Kunde, and Dr. James White of Alpha Omega Ministries. Full details of the event, timing, and location can be found on the following link:

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    Challenge of the Week

    Have you ever noticed that Trinitarian apologists suggestively imply that the use of the words “I am” are a direct reference to the divine name Yahweh? Where are they getting this information? When asked to identify himself in the next chapter, a blind man responds with, “I am.” If such a choice of words necessarily indicates a direct reference to the divine name was this blind man also claiming to be Yahweh?

    Have you ever noticed that Trinitarian apologists also suggestively imply that if Jesus pre-existed then he must therefore be God? Have they forgotten that angels pre-existed Abraham? Are they Yahweh?

    Have you ever noticed that John 1:15,30 one gives us a principle that he who is before is greater? Have you not noticed what the Jews had just asked Jesus, “are you greater than our father Abraham?” Do you think that just maybe that Jesus’ response, “Before Abraham was I am?”, was a YES in response to their question?

    Jesus had just pointed out that these Jews were not children of God but children of the devil, murderers and liars, the kind of men that kill people. Do you think just maybe that when Jesus had just indicated he was greater than Abraham that this is why they wanted to stone him to death? Such a statement meant that he, Jesus, was greater than them all. See Mark 15:10.

  2. Greetings Carlos,

    To my knowledge it is not being streamed, but will be available on Youtube within a month or so.


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