Debate: Tawheed or Trinity: What is the nature of God?

This event will give the primary speakers an opportunity to present on the major difference between the two largest Abrahamic faiths. The Christian doctrine of the Trinity and the Islamic fundamental of Tawheed (Indivisible Divine Unity) will be each illustrated and discussed with an opportunity for audience questions and answers at the conclusion of each speaker’s presentations.


Samuel Green – Works for the Australian Federation of Evangelical Students in a chaplaincy role at the University of Tasmania. He has been active in Christian apologetics for some time, in particular apologetics pertaining to Islam. He has developed a training course for Christians interested in ministering to Muslims, entitled ‘Engaging With Islam’ He has also contributed significa……ntly to the anti-Islam apologetics websites Answering Islam and Answering Muslims He has previously undertaken several formal debates against Muslims, including Abdullah Kunde and Beylal Racheha.

Abdullah Kunde – Is a medical student completing coursework at Liverpool Hospital. He is currently studying Islam in Sydney and has previously completed Hebrew, Biblical and Jewish studies at university. He has participated in several formal debates against Christians, including Dr. James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries, two of which have been broadcast worldwide on an Arab Christian satellite television channel. Abdullah Kunde is a member of the MDI platform in Australia.

Presented by: SUMSA, UWSMS, UWSMSA, MUMSA, Campbelltown MS and UTSMS

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