Debate: Women in Marriage: In the Quran and the Bible

MDI proudly presents the debate “ Women & Marriage in the Quran and the Bible ”

Speakers are:

Dr Tabassum Hussain – MDI Visiting speaker from Canada, experienced apologist and speaker on Biblical criticism and Women in Islamic Law.

Beth Grove – Member of CCi (Christians Confronting Islam), public speaker and experienced apologist in Evangelical ministries.

Hosted by MDI:  5th March , 2010

Venue: WestBourne Park Baptist Church, Porchester Road, London

Session was co-moderated by Abdullah Andalusi and co-moderator from

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  1. I would like to congratulate both ladies for a job well done. Beth Grove, I should commend you for your grace and dignity with which you so loving address what is surely our Christian view and understanding of marriage, great job !!. However, where it is that you worked in Africa ?, also could you send me your references , if you could because I am currently teaching women in Islam.

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