Facts about Jesus (Gospel Facts)

-Jesus never called himself God

-Jesus never called himself God the Son

-Jesus never called himself the One and Only True God who deserves Worship

-Jesus never claimed to be fully man and fully God

-Jesus never claimed that God is a Trinity, or Three in One

-Jesus claimed that God is One

-Jesus claimed he was a servant of God

-Jesus claimed he was the Messiah

-Jesus claimed that the ONLY true God was the Father

-Jesus claimed that he had a God

-Jesus claimed that God had sent him

-Jesus claimed that God had given him power and authority

-Jesus worshiped and prayed to God

So what are we debating about? Beats me!

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  1. The fact that Christ prayed to a higher being is sufficient proof that he is NOT God as God doesn’t indulge in doing prayers. Jesus is NOT the only son of God as God has sons by the tons (Gen 6:2, 4; Exodus 4:22; Jeremiah 31:9; Job 1:6, 2:1, 38:7). And being son of God DOESN’T make Jesus part of the Godhead but merely as God’s righteous servant (Abdullah in Arabic) as attested in Mark 15:39 c.f. Luke 23:47 as well as Acts 3:13, 26; 4:27, 30.

  2. Perhaps we are debating because God interrupted several THOUSAND YEARS of reproduction to bring Jesus in to the world without sexual intercourse? And has never repeated this process since! In fact, God foretold of this virgin birth from the very beginning in the Garden of Eden, when He said that the “seed of the woman” would crush Satans head (the ‘seed’ being a masculan object that has always been contributed from the male- this prophecy has even been confusing to Jewish scholars for centuries).
    Not only was Jesus Christs’ coming unique to entire humanity’s existence, God Himself tells His chosen people that Jesus existed long before His birth, in fact, was present from the very beginning – this was passed along in the Jewish Scriptures, long before Paul allegedly influenced Christianity – see Micah 5:2 and answer me this … Whose “goings forth have been FROM EVERLASTING”, … clue: a yet to come king!
    Not only was the foretold coming ruler of the Jews said to be divine, but every prophet’s message in the Jewish Holy Scripture tells us that we can not earn our salvation by merely “believing (in God) and obeying (His law)”. Every prophet told their people that salvation comes from God alone, from forgiveness of their transgressions, not from obedience, nor for “repentence” of your transgressions of the law, nor from sacrifices given in payment for your sins – at least not exactpy, these sacrifices were known to be temporary, for that is the reason they kept having to perform them over and over again.
    Jesus told His followers that “unless your holiness exceeds that of the Pharisees than you will never be saved. He then tells the Pharisees they are nothing more than whitewashed vessels cleaning the outside of the cup while the inside is corrupted. This goes right along with what the prophets of the Old Testament were told by God, when He said “I will do a new thing”, and give His people “a new heart”. Jesus taught “You have heard it said ‘Thou shalt not committ adultery’ (one of the 10 commandments), but I tell you (Jesus giving a NEW LAW OVERRIDING GODS LAW), if you look at a woman lustfully IN YOUR HEART you have already committed adultery”.

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