Muslims debate the BNP: Islamification of Britain: Myth or Reality?

At long last we have the full unabridged Muslim Debate Initiative debate from December 2009. I chair and moderate this event and open with a brief speech about how I came to embrace Islam.  I believe this was the first time in the UK that Muslims had debated the British National Party. The event was reported around the world by CNN, the BBC Arabic Service and Press TV (amongst others).

Pre-event Media Coverage

Video of the Debate

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Media Coverage:

Press TV:

BBC Arabic:

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  1. “In the Jewish community through which Jesus moved and to which he preached, women were forbidden to learn the Torah or to become rabbis. Yet Jesus never spoke a word against this, never once said this exclusion was wrong, never once said a female teacher was equal to a male one, or that women should be taught the same things as men. To be fair, he never praised learning at all. Yet education is the primary vessel through which women could ever and have ever won their rights and the respect of society…”

  2. FOR GODS SAKES listen to what that cockroach allen craig said. he said something like ” in judeo-crosstian values women n men are equall” . what he said is complete and utter bs.if jc was all about equality between women and men, then where in the nt does he tell women to teach torah in the nt? where does he tell women to become rabbis and teach torah?

  3. by the way, where did he pull “judeo-crosstian” values? christianity would be absolutely scandelous to a torah observant jew. maybe not a a herectic jew.

  4. any group reguardless off relgion,race, or ideology acts badly we should critize them its not islamphobia and its not racist to do so,,islam scares me not just becaus off the terriost attacks but there legal system
    1. stonong people to death
    2. hanging homesexualls
    3. apostacy law theses are racist
    religious minorities in islamic countrys are persecuted,,, in our society religious fredom is allowed muslims,jews,buddhists ETC can go door knocking like jehovah witnesses can preach on the streets or in town centres you are free to convert who you wish with-out fear off being arrested or persecuted or being killed by sum religious court u can build ur places off worship be it church,mosque, buddhist temple ETC in islamic countrys you cant do this

  5. Muslims, just go back to your country? What is the problem if you can not live under our standards? Go home, and also wake up to what this planey has to offer?

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