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The Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) teachings on tolerance

Lastprophet.info Coming from the Arabic root samaha, musamaha (tolerance) means to forgive and to pardon. The word hosgoru is used in Turkish and the word tolerance in English. As a term, it is used for the understanding and gentle behavior towards everyone, without prejudice, of someone who is mature and good-intentioned. Truly this is a […]

5 examples of supreme Muslim tolerance

MuslimMatters As we see the images of burning embassies and burnt flags unfolding across the Muslim world, it is easy for non-Muslims (and some Muslims too) to jump to the conclusion that there is an inherent lack of tolerance amongst “religious” Muslims. A lot of this is down […]

Can Liberalism Tolerate Islam?

Oslo Litteraturhuset, 20 March 2011 © Abdal-Hakim Murad Must one be liberal to belong to the West? For all the polite multiculturalist denials, this question is being put to us more and more insistently. The European Union, as it struggles to articulate a common cultural as well as economic vision, […]